30 August 2010

Okay, so it’s Valleywag, but here’s a supposed Wikileaks/Assange/Rape police report leak

“The Daily Mail has managed to secure a copy of the police report detailing Julian Assange’s alleged molestation of two Swedish women. Inside, we learn that Assange’s preferred method of seducing groupies is to feed them cheese.”

I’ve refrained from posting anything on Assange’s sex life, waiting for the dust to settle and the fun to begin. Not that rape or confused charges thereof are fun.

But you see, while we still might want to wait for sources more modest on the tackiness scale than Valleywag, it’d be ironically unsurprising for rumours regarding characters like Assange’s to point towards symptoms of an inflated ego and attitude problems about safe sex.

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Pirate, warez scener, Fairlight founder, GOP chairman

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24 August 2010

CIA LSD experiment?: The hallucination incident in Pont-Saint-Esprit

22 August 2010

Why nobody likes nerds, and why you’re justified in hating them

Strong flame-bait language, hilarious generalization and face-palm inducing deduction. So why am I posting this? Trust me, I have first hand, personal experience with nerdiness, and parts of this text reflect some of my insights.

Bullying is not cool, though. Let people be themselves and they might not be so nerdily defensive about avoiding growing up.

And growing up is key. Why would you expect grown-up behavior from ultra nerds who didn’t really fit in where they were expected to learn to deal with people?

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Electronic Voting Researcher Arrested Over Anonymous Source

Notice how the authorities claim that the machines are “tamper proof”.

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HS pääkirjoitus: Sata-komitean ei annettu auttaa huono-osaisia

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21 August 2010

Virtual reality tackles tough questions

Virtual reality is allowing scientists to ask difficult questions about human behaviour that were previously not possible or were thought too unethical.
A Spanish team has designed a trial that allows men to step inside the body of a woman subjected to violence. Meanwhile scientists in London are simulating a controversial experiment from the 1960s in which people were persuaded to inflict pain on others.

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16 August 2010

Macho salad

From the Swedish movie Farsan (trailer).

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13 August 2010

Sex Offender Paranoia – How We’ve Gone Too Far

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FST5-dokumentär: Fildelning – rättighet och brott

Undertecknad medverkade tillsammans med Marcin De Kaminski, Jyrki Kasvi m.fl. i en finlandssvensk dokumentär om fildelning. Programmet är till största delen på svenska och är textat till finska.

EDIT: Jonkinlainen käännös minun postista löytyy Piraattipuolueen blogista.


12 August 2010

Empty L.A.

Matt Logue erased every trace of human life from the streets of LA, and left only a desolate monument of concrete and stone.

11 August 2010

Victor Rodriguez’s hyperrealistic paintings


Learn to drive. Get a job. Go to work. Get a girlfriend. Have children. Follow fashion. Act normal. Walk on the pavement. Watch T.V.. Obey the law. Save for your old age. Now repeat after me: 'I AM FREE'

The source image appears to be based on this piece by vhm-alex on dA. Related: 1&2.

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10 August 2010

A World Centre of Communication

“A fountain of overflowing knowledge to be fed by the whole world of human endeavour in art, science, religion, commerce, industry, and law; and in turn to diffuse throughout the whole of humanity as though it were one grand, divine body conceived by God, the vital requirements which would renew its strength, protect its rights, and enable it to attain greater heights through a concentration of world effort.”

In 1913, H. C. Andersen (not the poet) and Ernest Hébrard compiled a work entitled “A World Centre of Communication”, which was planned to create the perfect city.

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8 August 2010

DuckDuckGo looks like a real Google search competitor

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