20 January 2010


A game about running and jumping like hell.

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Genomgång av FRAs workshop vid IT security expo i Göteborg

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Focus – Hocus Pocus (live)

Check Wikipedia and this slow version too :D

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Microwaving box wine (Boom.)


Save IE6!

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The Open-PC project

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GoogleSharing – a special kind of anonymizing proxy

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19 January 2010

Dunbar’s number: the number of people we are capable of giving a shit about

18 January 2010

crayola crayons color timeline

Visual timeline of Crayola color changes from 1903-2010

Crayola’s Law: The number of colors doubles every 28 years


17 January 2010

Itsenäisyysmielinen, helsinkiläinen teiniryhmä teki poliittisia murhia 1900-luvun alussa


(I Lost) The Game

See also: Wikipedia


ShowMeWhatsWrong.com – easy screen recording for troubleshooting

Demo video.


First Person Tetris

Very retro and very frustrating.


16 January 2010

Five emotions you never knew you had

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