23 December 2009

4chan founder moot to speak at TED2010

Christopher “moot” Poole started 4chan in 2003 by buying server space with his mom’s credit card. He was 15 at the time.

EDIT: The talk is online now.

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Liikkuva poliisi ja sohvamysteeri


Jussi K Niemelän kirja-arvio – Timo Vihavainen: Länsimaiden tuho (Otava 2009)

Timo Vihavaisen mielestä goottinuoriso on islamin tavoin länsimaisen kulttuurin syöpä. Ja meidän pitäisi ilmeisesti liittyä Venäjään.

22 December 2009



How Duke Nukem forever failed


Ocean Colour Scene – The Riverboat Song (Live)

Stirling Castle, Scotland 1998.

21 December 2009

Israel admits harvesting Palestinian organs

These clowns really know how to create positive PR buzz.

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20 December 2009

Yhdeksäsluokkalaiset listasivat epäsuosioon johtavat teinin tyylirikot


19 December 2009

Stewdio: browser Pong, a html5-game

Browser Pong lets you play pong. With popup windows in your browser. Pure awesome. You should really try it out with a decently fast browser like Chrome

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18 December 2009

Swedish Pirate Party launches instance of the Etherpad open source code

The code was released by Google a few hours ago, Piratpartiet‘s announcement is published over here (Google translation).

The original Etherpad service had in a short time become a killer application for collaborative work within at least the Swedish, and according to my personal experience, in the Finnish Pirate Party as well. Google’s initial plan was probably to use Etherpad’s tech with Wave and to shut down the original service entirely.

The Etherpad open source project is available here.

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Content farming: conquering the web by producing cheap content based on search stats

“Most media companies are trying hard to increase those numbers, to boost the value of their online content until it matches the amount of money it costs to produce. But […] instead of trying to raise the market value of online content to match the cost of producing it — perhaps an impossible proposition — the secret is to cut costs until they match the market value.”

You might have noticed how Sturgeon’s Law (“Ninety percent of everything is crud”) lives its own rampant life on the Internet in the form of these ad filled sites with unbelievably shitty how-tos and fake advice. But wait a year or two until clustered ponds of shit like eHow, Cracked and Livestrong might begin to mimic journalism. Quality media has only started its long, stinky journey down the rabit hole/drain pipe of the Intertube

An interview with Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt

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David Firth (Fat-Pie.com, Salad Fingers…) arrives to Twitter

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Intel Finland creates the world’s biggest Intel Chime using cannons and employee heads

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Google Chrome is now what I install for people who just need a browser. Note that Chrome installs itself per user and requires some tweaking if you want one install to run for several users.

I’m stuck with Firefox for some extensions, but I’d prefer Chrome, which is faster and keeps itself up-to-date without bothering the user at all, which usually is a good thing for security. People do really get irritated and confused by and might ignore the Firefox update dialogs. Here’s a nice holiday themed thing you can use to spam your folks with cute kitten-skinned Chrome installers or whatever.

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16 December 2009

Tässä luokassa sinua voidaan vetää turpaan - Vision - koulu-urkinta etähallinta

Katso myös: kuvan alkuperä ja tietoa Koulu-urkinnasta.


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