31 August 2009

Disney to Pay $4 Billion for Comic Giant Marvel


30 August 2009

Hufvustadsbladets ledare om Piraattipuolue/Piratpartiet och piratrörelsen, 2009-08-31

InnehÃ¥llsmässigt är ledaren en positiv överraskning som dessutom antyder att skribenten tar piratrörelsens favoritfrÃ¥gor pÃ¥ allvar. Även problempunkterna som tas upp är pÃ¥ riktigt relevanta frÃ¥gor som hela tiden diskuteras i piratkretsar, inte det vanliga “stöld pÃ¥ internets”-tjafset.

The Iraqi who saved Norway from oil

Financial Times explains how Farouk al-Kasim helped create government regulation that saved Norway from wasteful oil extraction and political corruption by foreign industry interests. Shock and horror: Unlike many other oil nations, Norway has actually saved money rather than fallen into debt.


How Many People Are In Space Right Now?


29 August 2009

Kungafamiljen som ett sönderavlat Simpsons

Hysteriskt roligt om svenska kungafamiljen i formatet av en recension av Sveriges Televisions årskrönika om kronans representationsuppgifter från 2007. Tyvärr lyteskomik, men visst är ärvda, slätstruket allmänhemtrevliga represenationsämbeten aningen tragikomiska.


28 August 2009

Rakas Lapinjärvi: kirje Sivarikeskukselle


How to publish a scientific comment in 1 2 3 easy steps

“The essence of science is reasoned debate. So, if you disagree with something reported in a scientific paper, you can write a “Comment” on it.
Yet you don’t see many Comments.
Some believe that this is because journal editors are reluctant to publish Comments because Comments reveal their mistakes—papers they shouldn’t have allowed to be published in the first place. Indeed, scientists often complain that it can be very difficult to publish one. Fortunately, in this article, I’ll share with you my recent experience publishing a Comment, so you can, too.”

Stray dogs learn how to ride subway

“Scientists in Moscow say stray dogs have learned to use the subway to travel into the city’s center in search of food.

Biology professor Andrew Poyarkov said he has seen dogs exhibiting commuting behavior, as the dogs travel into the center of the city where they can more easily find food each morning, then travel back to where they live each evening.”

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27 August 2009

Details on the arrest of Sergey Aleynikov, former developer of Goldman Sachs’ high speed trading software

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Researchers erase long-term memories with chemicals

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Depression may be mental adaptation, enhancer of analytical thinking


Home Theater PC Casemod: Mobira Talkman MD94NT2 mobile phone from 1984

80’s Mobira Talkman mobile phone turned into home theater PC



Funny shit said by Justin’s 73 year-old dad

…reposted on Twitter for the world to enjoy. Link to example.

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A six-year-old girl’s battle against schizophrenia

“”Is the Moban working?” her mother asks Jani during a visit. “No. I have more friends.””

See also: her father’s blog.


26 August 2009

Nokia plans to launch mobile “banking”, “paypal”

“The “Nokia Money” service will make it possible “to send money to another person just by using the person’s mobile phone number, as well as to pay merchants for goods and services, pay their utility bills, or recharge their pre-paid SIM cards,” […] Nokia said it was building up a large network of Nokia Money agents where consumers can deposit money or withdraw cash from their mobile accounts. […] “In many countries, mobile phone ownership significantly exceeds bank account usage””


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