31 March 2009

Essay on the hideous effects of solitary confinement/punitive isolation

The tl;dr crowd won’t be pleased, but this is excellent stuff.

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Gizmodo’s “messy workplace” photo contest

These are just pathetic tries compared to my old room. I bought a laptop and stopped using the place for everything except sleeping after my desk got sedimented with junk.


World class putdown

“A first-class mind is a gift. I was given mine, and I expect you were given a bicycle.” — Martin McCabe, Absolute Power

25 March 2009

Last.fm streams to require €3/month subscription outside Germany, UK, USA

Scrobbling etc. will remain free.

See also: Spotify (it scrobbles to last.fm)

Hero Within, T-Shirt design by MW82, knight with video game controller facing dragon

Hero Within

Awesomeness by Mikko Walamies (MW82). T-shirt here.


24 March 2009

Poster design by MW82

Responsible Recreation?

Poster design by MW82 (Mikko Walamies).


abraham lincoln united states five dollar bill moneygami.jpg

Stolen Moneygami

It’s a shame that the entry fails to mention the source of the images.


Must read webcomic: AmazingSuperPowers

I find it truly offensive that I didn’t stumble over this one earlier.

Notice the mouseover texts and pay attention to those hidden image map links, usually in the last panel.

23 March 2009

UN crime chief Antonio Maria Costa says drug money flowed into banks

Interaction between drug traders and financial institutions has to my limited knowledge been hinted at by lots of people, sometimes with less “mainstream credibility”, for ages.

The original print edition of the article in Profil is described briefly here (machine translation). I’d really like to read the original piece.

Finnish readers might have noticed that this story was featured in today’s edition of Kauppalehti, a financial news outlet.


22 March 2009

Israeli soldiers ordered to shoot at Gaza rescuers

I could easily fill a body bag with post-it notes if I’d written one for every (recent) mental note I’ve made of “avoid the Middle East”.

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Connected People (photo by Emiliano Verrocchio)

Connected People

Photo by Emiliano Verrocchio. Can you locate the word “Idiot” in the picture?


21 March 2009

The Vintage Web, a collection of old-fashioned web design


The CEO’s Guide to Jetting (hilarious JetBlue ads)

Direct links to each video: Chapter 1 (Welcome Aboard), Chapter 2 (The Airport), Chapter 3 (The Flight)


Israel in Gaza: Killing civilians, vandalism, and lax rules of engagement

[via:Helsingin Sanomat]

California motorists pull over, risk lives by chasing money thrown by drug dealers in highway car chase

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