28 February 2009

Despotify: an open source, Proof of Concept Spotify client

See also: Spotify


26 February 2009

So you say people will tweet what they eat for breakfast' -'And upload pictures of their breakfasts to a Facebook?' -'And other people will look at the breakfasts and make comments?' -'No offense future man, but is everyone in your time retarded' -'Sorry to burst your bubble, dudes, but you asked. Yes, that's the future''

The future must be retarded


22 February 2009

Koululaisten tietokonekäyttöä vahditaan reaaliajassa Keravalla

“Kaupungin ATK-tukihenkilöt pystyvät seuraamaan näytön kuvaa reaaliajassa. Käytännössä he siis näkevät saman näyttöpäätteen kuin oppilaskin. Reaaliaikainen seuranta mahdollistaa esimerkiksi henkilökohtaisten sähköpostien ja kirjeiden lukemisen.”



London Police Seek To Install CCTV In Pubs


21 February 2009


Se även: Pong


Chinese boy killed by exploding office chair sending chunks of metal into his rectum


20 February 2009

Eduskunnan Internet-yhteys sensuroitu

Sensuurin kohteena tällä kertaa mm. The Pirate Bayn oikeudenkäyntisivusto.

Olen jo aiemmin ihmetellyt miten valtion pätevä johtaminen tai järjestyksen valvonta on mahdollista ilman luotettavaa Internet-yhteyttä. Blue Coatin kaltaiset lapsilukot kelpaavat lähinnä nykytekniikaa pelkäävien vanhempien omatunnon pelastajina, niiden käyttö tietoturvaratkaisuna(?) yhteiskunnan päätöksenteolle tärkeissä instituutioissa pitäisi olla rangaistava teko.

Matti Nikin blogi

Nikki on tunnettu sensuroidun Lapsiporno.info-sivuston ylläpitäjänä. Sensuroitu sivusto näkyy toistaiseksi täältä myös KRPn paskaa vapaaehtoisesti syövien sensuurimielisten palveluntarjoajien asiakkaille.

Lisätietoja: Wikipedia, Nikin kotisivu

19 February 2009

H. H. Holmes’ “Murder Castle”

“Holmes [opened his hotel] for the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893 […] The ground floor of the Castle contained, aside from Holmes’ own relocated drugstore, various shops […] while the upper two floors contained his personal office as well as a maze of over one hundred windowless rooms with doorways that would open to brick walls, oddly angled hallways, stairways to nowhere, doors that could only be opened from the outside, and a host of other strange and labyrinthine constructions. […] Over a period of three years, Holmes selected female victims from among his employees […], lovers and hotel guests, and would torture and kill them. Some were locked in soundproof bedrooms fitted with gas lines that permitted him to asphyxiate them at any time. Some victims were locked in a huge bank vault near his office; he sat and listened as they screamed, panicked and eventually suffocated. The victims’ bodies went by a secret chute to the basement, where some were meticulously dissected, stripped of flesh, crafted into skeleton models, and then sold to medical schools.”

There’s a book on this.

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17 February 2009

Pariskuntaa vesikidutettiin kadonneen maksukortin takia Vantaalla

16 February 2009

How to not fail at life: 4chan’s advice

Discussed in more detail here.

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15 February 2009

Extended intro for first The Simpsons episode aired in HD

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U.S. Army to recruit immigrants with temporary visas

Running out of cannon fodder?

New Merlin Mann podcast: NPR parodies

I decided to wait a while before posting, to ensure the quality of this highly acclaimed geek humorist‘s latest endeavor. No reason to worry: Quotidian Public Radio leads me to suspect that this man would defecate distilled awesome if he tried hard enough.

Non-Americans may be confused by the specific reference to NPR, but anyone who’s ever listened to, enjoyed but still felt slightly amused by “deeper” radio programming, from the BBC or perhaps the Nordic public service broadcasting companies, should feel right at home.

More sanity-preserving greatness: You Look Nice Today, hotdogsladies

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'Lex Nokia - Connecting People', satirical newspaper cartoon by Karlsson, Helsingin Sanomat 2009-02-15

Lex Nokia – Connecting People

Satirical newspaper cartoon by Karlsson, appeared in Helsingin Sanomat on 2009-02-15. The drawing comments a worrying Finnish bill allowing network owners to snoop on traffic. Nokia and other corporations have lobbied for network monitoring legislation for some time.


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