31 August 2008

Michael Jackson at 50 without surgery (age enhanced childhood photo)

I normally avoid linking to half-witted fascists like Daily Mail, but celebrity stories are what these people do well.


MySpace Cofounder Tom Anderson was a 1980’s mainframe hacker

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30 August 2008

Fake news in US newspapers

“As more newspapers and other media outlets cut staff, public relations and advertising make gains. The Minnesota-based firm ARAnet provides “free print and Web content. […] More than 65 of the nation’s top 100 newspapers, including the Star Tribune, use” ARAnet content, which “carries client messages.” ARAnet president Scott Severson says his firm provides “high-quality consumer content” that “just happen[s] to be underwritten by our clients.””

Summary from PR-Watch.


Mythbusters not allowed to discuss RFID (in)security

During the first couple of minutes of this video, Adam Savage reveals that the major credit card companies didn’t approve of MythBusters discussing RFID.


Martin Kippenberger's 'Zuerst die Füsse', a crucified green frog

Italian museum displays crucified frog despite accusations of blasphemy

“The wooden sculpture by the late German artist Martin Kippenberger depicts a frog about one metre 30 centimetres high nailed to brown cross and holding a beer mug in one outstretched hand and an egg in another.”

Photo from Ecopolis.


One of Clayton James Cubitt's Katrina photos: Mack truck rests on its side in New Orleans

One of Clayton Cubitt's Katrina photos: Mack truck rests on its side in New Orleans

The rest of the photo’s are available on Cubitt’s site.


27 August 2008

Computer virus reaches the International Space Station (ISS)


EU pays for, then ignores study on copyright extension

Ubiquity for Firefox: short commands for “instant mashups”

See also: Ubiquity on the Mozilla Wiki, Vimeo link to the video.


25 August 2008

CCTV/surveillance camera swastica graffiti art (Shoreditch, London, UK)

Found on Cory Doctorow’s flickr.

The image includes the name of a mysterious site.


The History of I Can Has Cheezburger

“At the Gnomedex conference […], I Can Has Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh talked about the genesis of the site, and some of the milestones it has gone through as it has become not only a household name but the vanguard–if not the originator–of one of the most popular memes ever to hit cyberspace.”

The slides from Huh’s talk are available as a pdf (backup copy)

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Pleppo.fi: finlandssvensk underhållning/humor på kommande?

Noterade denhär bannern på Hbl.fi. Utgående från apans tjatter kan man gissa sig till att de onda makterna bakom några minnesvärda smålustigheter under de senaste åren har något intressant pågång (antagligen trolldeg).

(Arkivkopia av flashbannern med apa fr̴n pleppo.fi Рantar att originalet f̦rsvinner sm̴ningom)

24 August 2008

HS: Kannabiksen käyttö Euroopassa

Mathematicians create videos that help in visualizing four-dimensional objects

The article has a broken link to dimensions-math.org.


23 August 2008

“Compare People” Facebook App Selling User Info

I’m not surprised. Something about the app struck me as quite sleazy from the beginning, but I avoided it too efficiently to notice any premium options. Maybe the features discussed here were pulled later, but I can’t seem to recall hearing about this matter before.

The same author has a later post with more details (read: screenshots) on what the premium mode that exposes the actions of your friends looks (or looked?) like.

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