25 July 2008

Meditation Shown To Slow Progression Of HIV

“Researchers at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) report that the practice of mindfulness meditation can halt the decline of CD4-T cells in HIV-positive patients.”

24 July 2008

10 essential tricks for admins

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Questions you can’t ask

“Questions you aren’t allowed to ask in modern political debate and polite society, that should be asked”

Also: “What you can’t say” by Paul Graham

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Roosevelt quotes

“A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.”

— Theodore Roosevelt

Apollo 14 Moonwalker Claims Aliens Exist

This is reported by News.com.au, owned by Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch/News Corp also owns 20th Century Fox, the studio about to release The X-Files: I Want To Believe in US theaters on Friday. COINCIDENCE?!!1eleven

(This is hardly relevant, RM probably owns enough of the English speaking world’s media to make it unlikely that any news is reported by an outlet not owned by News Corp)


Patient HM: real life “Memento”

“When twenty-seven year old Henry M. entered the hospital in 1953 for radical brain surgery that was supposed to cure his epilepsy, he was hopeful that the procedure would change his life for the better. Instead, it trapped him in a mental time warp where TV is always a new invention and Truman is forever president. The removal of large sections of his temporal lobes left Henry unable to form any new personal memories”

Reading about HM’s anterograde amnesia is like seeing Memento again.

Pictures of ten ghost towns

…including scenes from Chernobyl (the BBC has a better collection of Chernobyl photos, though). For some reason I find abandoned cities intriguing. If you ask me, the only proper place for fugly Soviet era architecture is in photographs, movies or post-apocalyptic computer game scenery.


HS: Amerikkalaiskirja lähes suora kopio Waltarin romaanista “Ihmiskunnan viholliset”

“Verkossa myytävän Lindum Colonia-nimisen, englanninkielisen teoksen tekijäksi on merkitty englantilais-amerikkalainen tv-tuottaja Colin Slater.

Kirjaa myyvät verkossa muun muassa Amazon ja Suomalainen kirjakauppa.

Vuonna 2003 julkaistun kirjan teksti on vain hyvin pienin muutoksin sanasta sanaan samaa kuin vuonna 1966 englanniksi julkaistussa Waltarin romaanissa The Roman.”

Cartoonist draws “anything” for $2

Webcomic artist DJ Coffman will apparently draw anything for $2. After having looked at his gallery of custom drawings, I ordered one myself.


Memphis police director sues for critical bloggers’ names

“Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin and the city of Memphis[, Tennessee] have filed a lawsuit to learn who operates a blog harshly critical of Godwin and his department.

The lawsuit asks AOL to produce all information related to the identity of an e-mail address linked to MPD Enforcer 2.0, a blog popular with police officers that has been extremely critical of police leadership at 201 Poplar.

“In what could be a landmark case of privacy and the 1st Amendment,” the anonymous bloggers write on the site, “Godwin has illegally used his position and the City of Memphis as a ram to ruin the Constitution of the United States.”


Deerhoof releases single as sheet music

The San Francisco indie/art/noise/whatever-rock group Deerhoof has released the following statement:

“Fresh Born” is the first single from Deerhoof’s upcoming record, Offend Maggie. Download the sheet music, make your own version, upload it to your webpage or blog, then post the link here.”


23 July 2008

Viikon monivalintakysymys

Lapseni kasvattaa: Minä itse; Nettisuodatusohjelma; Sisäministeri; Kannabista

Lapsikin tietää yhteiskuntamme suosivan itsepalvelua

Sweden: Drunken elk meets sorry end after toddler attack

“Three-year-old Nova was playing in her backyard sandbox when a young elk calf attacked and bit her.”

Hee hee.

Rita Moreno vs. Animal (The Muppet Show, 1976)

Animal subjects Rita Moreno to rhythmic harassment in a 1976 episode. Moreno won an Emmy Award for her appearance.

She says the following in Spanish:

“Listen, buddy. All I wanna tell you is that you shouldn’t do that. It’s not nice, you understand? Look at me when I’m talking to you. This is my number, and if you bother me any more I’m gonna hit you so hard, it’s gonna leave you stupid. Cool it.”

Ten tumblelog themes for WordPress

I found Typographic (license: GPLv2), the theme currently used on this site in the above list.

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