25 June 2010

The Settlers of Catan ported to Microsoft Surface #

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14 June 2010

UK music industry lobbyist Fran Nevrkla calls for death penalty for piracy


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3 June 2010

Rick K. and the Allnighters – Sharp Dressed Man (live)

The drumming gets insane after 2:20. Band site here.


26 May 2010

The first in-depth technical analysis of VP8

The format may or may not be inferior to x264 but it will take time before mature implementations are available.


20 May 2010

Boing Boing noticed the Finnish record industry’s regrettable new anti-piracy mascot. It’s so bad I’m posting it now only because Doctorow found it funny.


“Google, Mozilla and Opera announced a new open video format today called WebM. As part of the WebM project, Google is is freely licensing the VP8 compression technology. This new open video format will use a modified Matroska video container (.webm). WebM format support is available today in Firefox, Chromium, and Opera development builds. All videos that are 720p or larger, uploaded to YouTube after May 19th, will be be encoded in WebM.”

WebM uses the open Ogg Vorbis sound codec.

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16 May 2010

Creepy Robots – It’s only a matter of time before one of these kills somebody


2 May 2010

H.264/MPEG-2 camcorders’ license allows shooting only for non-commercial purposes

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23 April 2010

Illegal Drugs brought to you by rEdandBLUEandgrEen


The Known Universe # takes viewers from the Himalayas through our atmosphere and the inky black of space to the afterglow of the Big Bang. Every star, planet, and quasar seen in the film is possible because of the world’s most complete four-dimensional map of the universe”.

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22 April 2010

Man spends 3 years maxing out a perfectly optimized SimCity 3000 city #

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20 April 2010

Detailed explanation of a plausible post-saving-princess scenario. Animation by Studio Joho.

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7 April 2010

Muse – Undisclosed Desires

EDIT 2010-04-24: Original video deleted, here’s another copy.

Live at BDO ’10.

23 March 2010

Silly Walks: India Pakistan Wagah Attari Border Closing Ceremony


19 March 2010

Enthusiast builds digital pinball machine using commodity PC hardware

…and the Hyperspin pinball simulation software.

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