17 January 2009

British Humanist Association Einstein Atheist Bus Campaign Tube Advert

Christian UK bus driver refuses to drive a bus with atheist “There’s probably no God” ad banner

See also: The home page of the ad campaign

15 January 2009

Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine censored in the UK

…and as usual the excuse is “child porn”. I find it surprising that the shit eating, freedom hating fucktards responsible for censoring the Internet in Finland didn’t think of this before.

See also: Internet Archive


25 August 2008

CCTV/surveillance camera swastica graffiti art (Shoreditch, London, UK)

Found on Cory Doctorow’s flickr.

The image includes the name of a mysterious site.


18 August 2008

Britain’s spy service seeking to hire gays

“After shunning them for decades over worries of blackmail, MI5 is now asking gay and lesbian people to consider a career as a spy, promising the chance to fight terrorists, protect their country — and earn a decent salary, plus benefits.”

Sexual acts between two adult males, with no other people present, were made legal in England and Wales in 1967.

14 August 2008

UK Gov’t Proposes Massive Internet Snooping, Data Storage


28 July 2008

Flat Earth News: lies, distortions and propaganda in journalism

“In Flat Earth News [book], award-winning journalist Nick Davies takes the lid off newspapers and broadcasters, exposing the mechanics of falsehood, distortion and propaganda; naming names and telling the stories behind stories.”

See also: book review in The Guardian and the author’s comments on his research for the book.

[via:Tuhat sanaa]

25 July 2008

UK Police department releasing stupid emergency calls on Youtube

The most mind numbingly stupid of these must be the call in which a woman asks what year the Internet started, but other fine examples include a man complaining about his wife leaving him without food and another man being angry at insufficient public transportation.

The Avon and Somerset Police Youtube profile.


6 July 2008

Creative farm juicing process

“Behind the scenes tour of of an award-winning creative farm, juicing process and distribution in South West England.”

I guess you’re old enough to know what creativity is made from.

30 June 2008

Heroin is made from Cannabis according to British tabloid newspaper

One of my favorite blogs, Bad Science, links to an article in the crappy tabloid Daily Mail from a couple of weeks ago. Daily Mail published the following:

“RAF Harrier jump jets have blown up the world’s biggest drug haul in Afghanistan by dropping three 1,000lb bombs on a 237-ton stash of cannabis. Officials believe the area – near to the Taliban stronghold of Quetta in Pakistan – was turning dried cannabis leaves into heroin.”

28 June 2008

Video: London deputied volunteers (“pretend cops”) bully videographer

“Watch the London community support officers (they’re not real cops, but deputied volunteers who fancy themselves real ones) as they confront a videographer who has the temerity to take footage of a public street. It starts with a sudden gloved hand over the camera lens, then it’s “give me a good reason why you’re filming,” then it’s on to “papers please”; and when the guy behind the camera, sensibly enough, asks under which law he’s not allowed to film there, the bully-boy hisses “shut up.””

I wonder if someone was having a bad day or if this is the general trend in the UK.


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