18 December 2009

Google Chrome is now what I install for people who just need a browser. Note that Chrome installs itself per user and requires some tweaking if you want one install to run for several users.

I’m stuck with Firefox for some extensions, but I’d prefer Chrome, which is faster and keeps itself up-to-date without bothering the user at all, which usually is a good thing for security. People do really get irritated and confused by and might ignore the Firefox update dialogs. Here’s a nice holiday themed thing you can use to spam your folks with cute kitten-skinned Chrome installers or whatever.

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8 December 2009

Google Goggles recognizes stuff on photos, searches for them


6 December 2009

Etherpad to remain active until code is open sourced

Google bought this lovely web based multiplayer notepad the other day, with an initial plan to shut the whole thing down, but people complained. If you need to work on text or code with other people, try Etherpad, it really is Fully Qualified Awesome.

The AppJet framework, on which Etherpad is based, is probably something Google needs for allowing third parties to develop on the Wave platform. The framework is Java based, which in other words means that self-hosting a future open version might be a bit trickier than setting up WordPress on your typical ten dollar web host.

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5 December 2009

Google adds “paywall” support to its News service

This must be a response, more or less, to Rupert Murdoch’s views on free content destroying the publishing industry.


18 November 2009

Weird Google Street View Scenery

Related to an article with the usual panicking about Google Street View.

Protip for complainers: build a fucking fence if you don’t want your genital warts photographed when you walk naked in your suburban garden.

Yes, Google and the likes are really privacy issues in the scale of spanish galeons on monster truck wheels.

High resolution, freely available street maps with metadata are, however, some of the most useful types of services ever, and someone building this doesn’t even enter into the “ethically dubious” category.

Shut up and start looking at the real issues, such as real time video surveillance and online data mining.


A look at Google’s plans to mess with the mobile OS and Turn-by-Turn navigation market

…which seems to involve a “less than free” licensing model. Software platforms such as Android will be free to use and hardware manufacturers will be paid part of the ad revenue produced by devices running Google’s code. This involves Chrome OS as well.


17 November 2009

Extensive interview with Rupert Murdoch

From Sky News Australia, touches upon a lot of stuff from the Internet and the media to the global economy and its relation to the US and Australian immigration politics.

Regarding Murdoch’s views on Internet news: I’m the first to admit that my content consumption habits probably don’t reflect those of the general public. I don’t have any new ideas on how to support newspaper either. But I wouldn’t go back and manually read the New York Times Sunday mag. and be ready to pay small sums for it for it, I wouldn’t even know of it, if it wasn’t for content aggregators… Whether the content is free or not beyond the first paragraph, entirely avoiding to be indexed by Google doesn’t seem like a very good idea.

The Man is known for his fondness of giving consumers “choice.” So I simply don’t see the harm in readers or viewers coming in to content outlets from aggregators. I certainly have developed a sense of what I like, using aggregators or filters hasn’t affected my “loyalty” or trust towards content producers in any way other than me not necessarily skimming through all of a single publication in one sitting.

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12 October 2009

Mystery Google

You get what the person before you searched for.

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18 September 2009

why won't he ask me out - why won't limewire connect - why won't my parakeet eat my diarrhea - why won't my ipod sync - why won't itunes open - why won't god heal amputees - why won't my ipod turn on - why won't my car start - why won't he marry me - why won't my hydrangea bloom

Google Suggest: Disobedient birds and god’s mysterious love

Why not try the other way around? Explore the healing powers of parakeets and ask god if he’s into scat.

Google does return these suggestions at the time of writing. You know, this drains my hope for humanity much like Yahoo Answers and some Michael Jackson fans.

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10 September 2009

Google Offers Undocumented Web-Embeddable Document Viewer

Works with at least PowerPoint and PDF files located on web servers. The same type of viewer has been in use in Gmail and Docs for some time.


2 September 2009

Translation Party – where machine translation and automated hilarity meets

Examples 1, 2. Techcrunch explains the site:

“At each step along the way, the words you began with gradually take shape to form something entirely different and (hopefully) awesome. The retranslations continue until you reach what the site calls ‘equilibrium’, when the English and Japanese words translate back and forth into exactly the same thing.”


15 August 2009

Gmail now supports sending through custom SMTP servers

This is old news at this point, but I think it’s worth noting. Your job application will no longer have that “Sent on behalf of ‘[email protected]'” stench.


12 August 2009

New Google Opt Out Feature Protects Users’ Privacy By Moving Them To A Remote Village

Also: Should we Be Doing More To Reduce The Graphic Violence In Our Dreams

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11 August 2009

Google Previews New Search Infrastructure

Slashdot links to more articles discussing the change. The test search page is here.


30 July 2009

How to Avoid Gmail’s Sponsored Links/ads

“…include a sentence or two that mentions catastrophic events or tragedies […] After extensive testing I’ve discovered you need 1 catastrophic event or tragedy for every 167 words in the rest of the email.”


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