17 April 2009

30% of US military women are raped while serving

“…71% are sexually assaulted, and 90% are sexually harassed”

21 March 2009

California motorists pull over, risk lives by chasing money thrown by drug dealers in highway car chase

1 March 2009

The Psychedelic Frogfish, Psychedelica

The Psychedelic Frogfish

See also:


15 February 2009

U.S. Army to recruit immigrants with temporary visas

Running out of cannon fodder?

10 February 2009

Indian right-wing org to receive pink underwear for Valentine’s day after attack on female bar customers

See also: Facebook group, Sri Ram Sena.

1 February 2009

Joe Cocker – With a Little Help from My Friends (BBC Live recording, 1968)


Edit: Original video removed, but I think this is the same recording. // Thomas 2009-07-28

17 January 2009

British Humanist Association Einstein Atheist Bus Campaign Tube Advert

Christian UK bus driver refuses to drive a bus with atheist “There’s probably no God” ad banner

See also: The home page of the ad campaign

30 December 2008

China using tens of thousands of paid “internet commentators” to control public opinion

26 December 2008

Santa Claus ruins party, kills eight, burns down house in L.A.


17 September 2008

Girls with mild autism less likely to be diagnosed than boys

9 August 2008

Actor Robbie Coltrane’s face used on NZ wanted poster

Actor Robbie Coltrane used as placeholder on NZ wanted poster announcing teenaged burglar

“Robbie Coltrane is not the burglar, but imagine him aged 16 with lank greasy hair and you have the picture”


24 July 2008

Pictures of ten ghost towns

…including scenes from Chernobyl (the BBC has a better collection of Chernobyl photos, though). For some reason I find abandoned cities intriguing. If you ask me, the only proper place for fugly Soviet era architecture is in photographs, movies or post-apocalyptic computer game scenery.


19 July 2008

The BBC’s iPlayer volume goes to 11

17 June 2008

From Our Own Correspondent: BBC’s brilliant long-running current affairs show

Available as a podcast

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