7 July 2010

The Egg and The Damnation of Richard Gillman are two well written short stories on metaphysics, religion and afterlife. Damnation… has been around for years, while The Egg is more recent and circulated on 4chan for a while.

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15 March 2009

Finnish atheist bus campaign - Suomalainen uskonnottomien bussikampanja ('Jumalaa tuskin on olemassa lopeta siis murehtiminen ja nauti elämästä')

Finnish Atheist Bus campaign launched (donate!)

Campaign based on the British media stunt coordinated by Dawkins and British Humanist Association. Donations accepted as of now.

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4 February 2009

Atheist bus slogan generator: There is probably no spoon now stop dreaming and take the red pill

Atheist bus slogan generator

Atheist Bus Campaign (Wikipedia)


17 January 2009

British Humanist Association Einstein Atheist Bus Campaign Tube Advert

Christian UK bus driver refuses to drive a bus with atheist “There’s probably no God” ad banner

See also: The home page of the ad campaign

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