1 November 2008

“Maybe it’s time to move on”, a series of ads for Careerbuilder.com

18 August 2008

Opt out of some tracking done by Google-owned online ad networks

[via:Official Google blog]

15 August 2008

Power-Saw to the People: Dexter season 3 (Dexter Morgan), promotional poster, Comicon 2008

Promotional poster for Showtime’s “Dexter” season 3, seen at Comic-Con 2008.

[via:Dark Passenger]

26 July 2008

Meat commercial from Soviet-era Estonia

The words being chanted are “chicken” and “meat“, kanahakkliha=chicken minced meat. Edit: Harry Egipt, the man behind this and many other.. powerful Estonian tv ads has been discussed in-depth elsewhere.


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