11 July 2010

Deep Throat – An introduction to the depravity of professional competitive eating

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10 July 2010

Youtube launches support for 4K video resolution

Google is obviously building infrastructure for some kind of major, commercial video distribution project. But they’re also preparing themselves for a not so distant future when normal people might have enormous, wall sized-screens at home.

This is not crazy talk without any real application within the lives of normal people. For instance: Any kind of convincing telepresence must be based on video quality much higher than 1080p. Ask yourself what it’d take to make you feel not so much out of place when attending some kind of party by appearing and watching others in life-size on a wall.

I’m just saying. People will want this kind of equipment.

Ihmisoikeudet ja yksilönvapaudet arvokonservatiivien tulilinjalla

Katso myös: Asmo Maanselän mielipidekirjoitus Pride-kulkueen kaasuhyökköyksestä ja Setan konttorin tuhotyöstä.

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paraphernalia anatomica red heart necklace

Paraphernalia sells reasonably priced handmade jewelry by Ms. Vanda from Lisbon. She uses illustrations, printed and cut acrylic, and silver-plated chains. The above heart is from the Anatomica collection, but other particularly cool necklaces can be found in the Alice Wonderland series.


9 July 2010

The Creative Process by Virus Comix – a huge, scroll intensive comic commenting on the painful process of making stuff. #

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8 July 2010

Antibody Discovered for 91% of HIV Strains

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Surffailua Helsingin keskustassa heinäkuussa - Surfing in downtown Helsinki after heavy rain in July photo by Joni Vierimaa 2010-07-08

After some heavy rain in the afternoon (on 2010-07-08, a very humid and hot day), someone humoroulsy tried surfing in downtown Helsinki (link article in Finnish).

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7 July 2010

The Egg and The Damnation of Richard Gillman are two well written short stories on metaphysics, religion and afterlife. Damnation… has been around for years, while The Egg is more recent and circulated on 4chan for a while.

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6 July 2010

IMFDB – The Internet Movie Firearms Database

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Animal Specimens with Transparent Skin and Rainbow Skeletons

Original article (japanese site, obscure english translation)
Enlarge title image


5 July 2010

An elaborate 4chan-based prank leaves Justin Bieber facing a tour of North Korea after having his web presence manipulated.

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First picture

“This baby picture, scanned in 1957 [by Russell Kirsch], was the first digital image. At 176 by 176 pixels, its size was limited by the memory capacity of the computer.”

From: Circling the square: Fifty years later, creator of the first digital image aims to smooth the pixel


Hues, a coffee table inspired by Venn diagrams.


2 July 2010

Miksei ydinvoimaloiden rakennuslupia huutokaupattu?

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# and #

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